Meet Our Team


Melisa is the heartbeat of Blossom Ministries.  Her passion for women’s ministries is the entire reason we even exist!  She keeps her finger on the pulse of where God is directing the future of this ministry and is dedicated to the prayer and study needed to keep us in line with God’s vision!  She is brave because she steps out in faith believing that whatever God gives Blossom to do he will bless and change lives with it!

Her favorite way to sum up ministry to women (as well as the entire Blossom Team) is with this quote:

“In so much as anyone pushes you nearer to God, she is your truest friend!”

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Heidi is our Martha Stewart, she grows a huge garden, has a large family, home schools her kids of school age, raises turkeys/chickens and makes her own soap.  We like to tease her that she makes her own dirt for planting her garden in.  She is brave…because many of these things listed she learned out of necessity to care for her family on a limited budget. We call upon her for themes and ideas, to share her heart, to lead worship, and to make cinnamon rolls.

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Amanda is our nurturer.  Always a little quiet, and gentle.  You will find her in a corner holding someone’s hand or their baby, just simply caring and noticing what some of us louder personalities might overlook. Amanda will often be found serving, doing dishes or crying over the onions she is chopping for our famous Retreat soup. Because she is not typically up front or talking – when she speaks… we listen!

She is Brave…because she continues to lead with us even though she doesn’t like to be up front and she is willing to be seen with some of us louder members!